Gourmet Goodness

Gourmet Goodness Feedback


“I have just purchased Spice Sensation from my local Pick n Pay (South Africa) and find it delicious and very versatile. I hope your product is going to continue to be available in our stores. Many thanks”
- Sheri Stone

“I bought in South Africa a combo of your spices. Excellent. My wife in Switzerland became almost addicted to the Meat seasoning blend… Therefore, I kindly ask you whether there is an opportunity to ship to Switzerland either 6 or 12 pieces of meat seasoning blend... … Thanks for a response and best wishes”
- Hans-Peter Lipp

Gourmet Goodness seasonings recently arrived at our local Tesco in Dundee, Scotland. They have rapidly become a must have in our kitchen - the whole family love the fresh hit of spice they deliver. Quite apart from the excellent work the Foundation do in Sri Lanka and the fact that you know you are helping when you purchase a Pepper and Cumin Twist, these jars give you the authentic flavours of the Orient!
- Rob Murray Brown, St Andrews, Fife Scotland



Gourmet Goodness: the quality is extremely high and very exclusive.
- Netherlands buyer, Lanka Lamai Fair Trade