Gourmet Goodness

The legend of Sri Lankan Spices

The spices that brought the conquering Europeans sailing down the trade winds to battle each other across the Indian Ocean are packaged and delivered to you today at your convenience. The colonial conquerors may have long left the shores of Ceylon but their legacy remains in modern day Sri Lanka.

The rich spices that drew them forth still grow in abundance across the resplendent isle, spreading their rich aroma through the air. The spice gardens of Sri Lanka are very much a part of our lives and heritage here, shaping our history, our lives and our cuisine even before the colonial era. Taprobane as the island was called then was famed for its spice trade across the ancient Mediterranean and Middle East. These spices which shaped who we are today have lent a richness and depth to our cooking over the decades, lending their authentic and inimitable flavour to every dish.